Southwest region

Welcome to the Mojave Wasteland

The following is a list of locations on the southwestern side of the map. Each one will link to the article in which it appears (the numbers to the left are just for my use). To visit other portions of the map, I linked them below. Happy trails!

137Emergency Service Railyard
138Prospector’s Den
140Ivanpah Dry Lake
141Jack Rabbit Springs
142Coyote Den
143Hidden Supply Cave
146Ivanpah Race Track
133Mesquite Mountains Crater
134Canyon Wreckage
135California Sunset Drive-In
139Nevada Highway Patrol Station
144Mesquite Mountains Camp Site
199Hell’s Motel
402Mesquite Mountains lean-to
147Mojave Outpost
188Long 15
293Devil Peak
365Mojave Outpost Barracks
445Gate to Long 15
151Crescent Canyon West
152Mojave Drive-In
153Bradley’s Shack
154Crescent Canyon East
145Nipton Road Reststop
148Morning Star Cavern
149Nipton Road Pit stop
232Crashed Transport Plane
403Scorpion burrow