Legion Expansion Part I

Onward to Legion territory

Time to start showing off all the amazing places east of the Colorado River.


Welcome to Arizona

Starting out weaving away from the Hoover Dam area, there is a lookout and gift shop before reaching Highway 93. There are also a lot of signs here for the Hoover Dam, the state of Arizona and others.

Once Hoover Dam is in the rearview, we will head south on Highway 93. This section of the road has a lot of hills, since we are close to the river.

Liberty Bell Arch

There is an left hand turn off of Highway 93 for Arizona Hot Springs / Liberty Bell, which leads to a cool rock formation at the end of a trail, called the Liberty Bell Arch.

I hiked all the way to the end because it has a commanding view of the Colorado River looking towards the south.

It also has a sign about climbing in case of flash floods and an old mining cart, still tethered on the side of a cliff.

River Gauger’s House Site

This is the remnants of two old buildings, of which is only accessible by hiking and kayaking.

Willow Beach

The turn off for Willow Beach is a hard, quick right off of Highway 93. Then there is an interesting sign for a fish hatchery and then the fee station.

The road curves around for a bit before arriving on the shore. Then there is another sign for the hatchery. There is a locked gate though, so I couldn’t get in and get photos. I think it is off limits all the time.

The marina has a main house, campsites, and docks. Here are various photos of the main marina area.

Willow Peak

South of the Marina, there is a trailhead to Willow Peak, which overlooks the Colorado River from the east. If you look closely, you can see the tiny marina.

Malpais Flattop Mesa

Malpais Flattop Mesa is located in the center of a triangle made of Highway 93, Willow Beach, and Nelson. It can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the area.

Malpais Wash

The wash is between the mesa and the river, a hike further south that leads to the river’s edge.

Elephant Hill

This hike to Elephant Hill follows trails that are uniquely narrow and skirts the very top of a long ridge. It is very windy, too, but makes for good photos. It overlooks Cottonwood Cove from the northeast.

Here is a shot from Cottonwood Cove on the Nevada side. You can see the peninsula jut out into the water and the overlooking ridge is to the right.

Back on Highway 93

Southbound again, once past Willow Beach, the road flattens out again all the way until one would leave the map.

Part II coming soon 🙂