Black Mountain

Travelers along the Long 15 have complained to NCR rangers that caravans have been harassed and attacked by fearsome super mutants living in the irradiated ruins of Black Mountain.

Fallout New Vegas Loading Screen

Another day of hiking awaited me today, and it was perfect weather. Sunny, but a cool 65 degrees with a slight wind. I have already hiked in this area from the east when I was searching for Black Rock cave, and today I will hike from the west.


# 92 – Neil’s shack
# 93 – Black Mountain
# 283 – Black Mountain broadcast building
# 371 / 372 – Black Mountain prison / storage

Location Details

# 93 – Black Mountain – In our world, Black Mountain exists in the same location as the game. It is a prominent mountain that you can see to the south of Vegas. It is part of the McCullough Mountain Range in the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. You can see the transmission equipment from almost anywhere in the Vegas valley. The elevation is 5,093 ft / 1,552 m and you can climb to the top via a number of different paths, either starting close to Railroad Pass on the east or the city of Henderson on the west. My favorite is called Arden East, accessible from Henderson.

# 283 – Black Mountain broadcast building – By following the aforementioned trails, you will find the towers close to the summit and alongside them, a few outbuildings which serve as the real world equivalent to this location. Similarly to Cottonwood Cove HQ, they are not two storied, but look similar .

There are several radio towers on the northern part of the mountain – KVVU-TV and KWNR-FM – which are the most visible, but I think they do not look as similar to the in game equivalent as a few locations farther south in the range. If you take the Black Mountain and Anthem East trails, you can both see the more similar looking radio towers and outbuildings of KLAS-TV and KOMP-FM as well as reach the summit. (Of note, in 1967, Howard Hughes outright bought KLAS for today’s equivalent of $24 million so that he could watch his favorite movies whenever he wanted, without ads).

It really reminds me of the huge antennas located at the Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex is north of Barstow, California. I will talk more at length about this super cool area shortly.

Locations that would be located here include # 371 – Black Mountain prison and # 372 – Black Mountain storage.

# 92 – Neil’s shack – This location is as expected to be, an in game only location. However, there were a few places that reminded me of Neil’s Shack as I moved forward in and around the Black Mountain area. Firstly were the rest stations on the trail itself, looking fairly (unintentionally) post-apocalyptic and similar in size. There is also a small cement building that sits at the convergence of Black Mountain and Anthem trails.

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