Brooks tumbleweed ranch and Followers safehouse

To find the collection of locations on the northern region of the map, you can skirt around the city, taking Highway 215 along the northern edge of civilization until you turn off on Highway 95 once again to head northwest. After a short distance, you will turn off on to Nevada State Route 157 to begin the search!


# 3 – Brooks tumbleweed ranch
# 5 – Followers safehouse
# 6 – Griffin Wares sacked caravan
# 7 – Horowitz farmstead
# 251 – Nevada State Route 157
# 292 – Corn Creek Dunes
# 295 – Floyd Lamb State Park
# 19 – Northern passage
# 408 – Mercenary camp

Location Details

# 251 – Nevada State Route 157 – The location was a point of contention for me. Off of Highway 95, there are two Nevada State Routes – 156 and 157. Nevada 157 heads towards Mt. Charlestown immediately after exiting Vegas, whereas Nevada 156 heads there from the northeast, about 30 miles past the turn off for Nevada 157. It looks like 156 would be the correct choice by the direction of the road, but no because there is literally a sign in game that says 157.

The entrance to Vegas in game, at the confluence of Highway 95 and Nevada 157, is essentially where Westside is located. Since there is no room geographically for five or so locations to be situated in such a small place, between Westside and the road directly outside of Westside, I still think the in game equivalent to the road should in fact be Nevada 156.

All this nonsense has a purpose, I promise. If I can determine what roads to travel down, I can look in the somewhat correct place for the rest of the locations.

# 3 – Brooks tumbleweed ranch – This road debacle led me to look more northernly for this specific location, Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch. A little past the intersection of Highway 95 and Nevada 156, there is a location in our world called the Desert National Wildlife Refuge Center, which has a lost of railroad tie cabins and outbuildings. Notably, one of the touristy attractions here is a big field you can chase tumbleweeds around in, tying it to the game’s equivalent.

# 292 – Corn Creek Dunes – Although this is a cut location, the location exists in our world as the tiny town of Corn Creek and Corn Creek Springs, a part of the aforementioned Desert National Wildlife Refuge.

# 5 – Followers safehouse – I was not able to find a safehouse in this area in real life, the area that inhabits our world location is a vast, open eternal field. But it did remind me of a place I saw a few weeks ago, in Amargosa Valley. So I will include it here in lieu of the real world equivalent.

# 6 – Griffin Wares sacked caravan / mercenary camp – These locations are in game only, thankfully. I thought everyone would find it interesting that in real life, there is a prison in this location. In game, I breathed life into the brahmin and went about my day.

# 295 – Floyd Lamb State Park – Unfortunately, this location was also cut from the final game, but it is a real world location located around a series of lakes called Tule Springs. What would have been made interesting is it’s namesake – Floyd Lamb was a senator that was convicted of taking a $23,000 bribe from an undercover FBI agent in 1983. I like how the city of Las Vegas did not even care and just rolled with it, leaving the name intact.

# 7 – Horowitz farmstead – In our world, I am completely convinced that the real world location matches the in game equivalent. A little off of Highway 95, you can find the Las Vegas Farm. It is a very fun place. There are one headed brahmin, a farmers market, and no Vipers. I had a good time here and bought some much needed food – including dried apricots, almonds, and beef jerky. Perfect for continuing out into the wastes.

# 19 – Northern passage – The real world and in-game destinations of Zion National Park are identical, where in our world it takes about 2 and a half hours to drive there from the northern part of Las Vegas. I did not take such a trip this time, but will likely do so in the future.

For this specific location, the way to get to Zion is via northbound Interstate 15. Technically, that would be the “northern passage” to the park. I actually began heading this way when I visited Devils Throat, getting as close as an hour away, give or take. The game map places the northern passage in a different location, though – more centrally as opposed to bypassing Nellis and heading to the northeast.

I drove in this direction to see what is out there. The game map compared to the real world map puts it at the feet of Gass Peak, which is the highest peak in the Las Vegas Range of Southern Nevada with a summit of 6,937 feet / 2,114 m. Following the in-game map led me directly to our world’s June Bug Mine. The road was way too wild for me to drive up, so I walked a fair bit and saw that it really does look like the entrance in the game, but I will not go inside because I do not want to deal with Ricky’s bs.

Interestingly, June Bug Mine is one of the locations that served as a municipal fallout shelter in real life, adding to the list of locations that have equivalents on this list.

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