Camp Golf and Lake Las Vegas

What you want to know? Whole place used to be some kinda rich bastard resort, back before the war. Now the Rangers use the old resort, and we grunts get to live in tents. Fucking typical.


I found this group of locations within the retirement community area of Lake Las Vegas, northwest of Boulder City Beach and the Hoover Dam.

I have to mention I really dislike this area. I do not know why, but this area is comprised of bizarre and out of place artificially grown plants and grass, rows and rows of similarly looking Spanish style, terracotta roofed houses, gated areas, and luxury goods shops. Half of the area is under construction and the road plans are abysmal, resulting in my driving in frustrating circles as my GPS struggled to find things that it did not know existed. Overwhelmingly antithetical to the feeling on New Vegas. I could not wait to leave – assuming I could ever find my way out and escape.


# 73 – Fisherman’s Pride shack
# 74 – Camp Golf
# 75 – Lake Las Vegas
# 205 – House resort
# 360 – 362 – Camp / mess / Misfits tents

Location Details

# 75 – Lake Las Vegas – In our world, there is an identically named lake. It is surrounded by this self-proclaimed “unparalleled new home luxury destination” (puke) is a “high-end residential resort community” about a half hour away from The Strip. I recommend you avoid the community portion at all costs because it is terrible. The lake is very pretty, though.

# 74 / 205 – Camp Golf / House Resort – The real world equivalent could be Reflection Bay Golf Club. The golf club has the same purpose as the location pre-war and is located right on the lake. While researching it, I noticed the club was also one of the only finished structures in 2010, the rest being built since then.

Concerning House Resort, in the game you can see a large portrait of Mr. House standing in front of a bipedal robot. The portrait is reminiscent of a famous photograph of House’s real world equivalent Howard Robard Hughes Jr. standing in front of a Boeing 100A aircraft in 1934.

On the second floor, there exists a room littered with empty syringes and drugs. This could potentially be a reference to Hughes’ reclusive residence in the real world Desert Inn Las Vegas from 1966-1970, from which he never left and abused injectable codeine provided to him by his aides.

Honorable mention – I wanted to point out that this place looks like the same place you meet Chief Hanlon.

Locations within this one, in the real world would be here, including # 360 – Camp Golf tent, # 361 – Camp Golf mess tent, and # 362 – Misfits tent.

# 73 – Fisherman’s Pride shack – Venturing blissfully away from that decadent monstrosity, this location in our world is across the street, a place called Lake Mead Boat and Tackle, a boat storage and fishing supply store.

Another honorable mention – This restroom saved me from peeing my jumpsuit after I drove the billion miles getting turned around over and over again through the Lake Las Vegas area. I promised I would give it credit in my guide – it is called River Mountains Loop Trailhead. I suggest everyone use it before going through Lake Mead Parkway Fee Station no matter what your next destination. I would have peed behind it if it was locked, but credit is due regardless since there was no where at Lake Las Vegas to pee outside in peace with all those rich old people milling around.

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