Vault 21 Jumpsuit at Hoover Dam

Courier Six Vault 21 Jumpsuit Fallout New Vegas Cosplay

This photo is my favorite Hoover Dam picture to date, taken from above the Arizona Spillway. The inspiration for the caption comes from liz draws a lot and her awesome drawing of the Courier from years ago (see below). I had it as the desktop background of my PC for a really long time.

The inspiration for the face I am making is the fact that the sun is blinding me and it is over 100 degrees already at 7:00 AM.

Also you can park here for free if you arrive before 8:00 AM. And you will want to if you travel here in the summer. Otherwise you can park for free in the parking lots above this one – a sidewalk connects them all and makes it easy to walk across the dam.

Inspiration for quote comes from liz draws a lot tumbr, as aforementioned. Check out her work, it is exceptional.

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