Mojave Wasteland Plants

Fallout New Vegas Real World Plants and Flowers

I thought it would also be fun to have a collection of all the Mojave plants and flowers to compare them to the in-game equivalents. Here is my collection!

Barrel cactus fruit

Echinocactus or “barrel cactus”

Banana yucca

Yucca baccata or “banana yucca”

Broc flower

Sphaeralcea ambigua or “desert globemallow”


Fouquieria splendens or “Ocotillo”

Buffalo gourd seed

Cucurbita foetidissima or “buffalo gourd”

Honey mesquite pod

Prosopis glandulosa or “honey mesquite”

Nevada agave fruit

Agave utahensis or “Nevada agave”

Prickly pear fruit

Opuntia basilaris or “pricklypear”

Sacred datura root

Datura wrightii or “sacred datura” – (careful, I’m toxic!)

White horsenettle

Solanum elaeagnifolium or “white horsenettle” – (careful, I’m toxic!)

Pinyon nuts

Pinus orizabensis or “pinyon pine”

Joshua tree

Yucca brevifolia or “Joshua tree”

Mojave yucca

Yucca schidigera or “Mojave yucca”

Creosote bush

Larrea tridentata or “creosote bush”

Big galleta grass

Pleuraphis rigida or “big galleta grass”

White bursage

Ambrosia dumosa or “white bursage”

Coyote tobacco

Nicotiana attenuata or “coyote tobacco” – (careful, I’m toxic!)

Xander root

I will keep adding to the list if and when I find more examples out here!

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