Freeside North Gate and the Silver Rush

Today I went back to the Freeside area to explore the second half of my Freeside list-o-places to find. I thought I would have a sincere distain for the more populated areas of my trip, but Freeside has been very fun so far. Really, a blur! Must be all the hypnotizing neon lights.


# 28 – Freeside’s north gate
# 213 – Mick and Ralph’s
# 215 – Silver Rush
# 228 – Zapp’s Neon Signs
# 289 – Mojave home

Location Details

# 28 – Freeside’s north gate – I consider this location to be situated on the northern most side of the Fremont Street Experience, where there is a gated area that I passed through by the Golden Gate Casino to end up by the Plaza Hotel on the corner of Fremont and Main. I could also consider the northern most Fremont sign, which is on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont, which separates Fremont East District from the Fremont Street Experience. Now. I have typed Fremont too many times.

It was at this location that I saw some police. Hey! There are not supposed to be securitrons in Freeside!

# 213 – Mick and Ralph’s – There are a few shops inside the canopy, including ABC Stores and Fabulous Las Vegas giftshop. None of the named after Mick and Ralph, sadly. But the inspiration for our friend Victor is here, above one of the souvenir shops, formerly the Pioneer Casino. His name is Vegas Vic, and he is 40 feet tall and awesome. I have always adored Victor in-game, so this was very fun to find. I alos like how well they integrated Vegas Vic into the game, instead of just making him a sign somewhere.

# 215 – Silver Rush – The Silver Rush Casino is likely based on the Golden Nugget Casino, due mostly by the shape and appearance of the signs. It is a similar play on words – silver and golden – sort of similar to kings and queens yesterday. The current Golden Nugget building does not look the same, but the previous sign does. You can see it at the location I will mention next! I also found it carved into the wall.

# 228 – Zapp’s Neon Signs – I know that this location in game is located within the South Vegas Ruins, but I really wanted to point out how similar it looks to the Neon Boneyard Museum, which is a tiny bit north of Fremont Street. I will likely note it again when I talk about Michael Angelo’s Workshop. I think it is very cool that such a big part of Vegas – the neon lights – is also a significant focus of the game’s aesthetics.

The Neon Boneyard is an incredible place and you absolutely should go check it out, even if it was a little pricier than the other basically-free things I have been doing. It is an outdoor museum that features signs from old casinos and other businesses. Some of them still light up, so you can go in the day or night.

Since it was so hot outside, the first time I went, I wanted to go really early but they do not open until 9:00 AM, which ended up being already too hot. Since that trip was short, I returned later in the evening which was a cool experience as well.

# 289 – Mojave home – The Mojave home, being used for moonshining, reminded me of the Mob Museum’s Underground, located off of Fremont Street, which has a distillery still producing the museum’s own line of moonshine the way the mob did it during prohibition.

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