Grub n Gulp rest stop and Cassidy Caravan wreckage

Today was a more leisurely day for this Courier, mainly searching for corpses in the central portion of the map. Another part of the day was spent driving up and down Interstate 515, 215, and 15, looping around and around, searching for a billboard I swear I saw awhile back that said Yes Man, but I could not find it and I may have been hallucinating. I also went back to the Clark County Museum again to look more at the atomic display I sort of glazed past the first time, in my excitement on the fallout shelter list.


# 54 – Cassidy Caravan wreckage
# 55 – Grub n’ Gulp rest stop
# 56 – Followers outpost
# 274 – Ranger Morales’ corpse

Location Details

# 54 – Cassidy Caravan wreckage – Thankfully in our world such caravans have presumably been spared. Geographically, this location in our world is called Trail Canyon Park, in Henderson. Much more peaceful. And yes, for anyone wondering, I usually make a habit of resurrecting all the brahmin of the wasteland.

# 55 – Grub n’ Gulp rest stop – What I thought was interesting about this location was the billboards advertising the casinos. Alongside petroglyphs in the desert areas, the second most prevalent thing I noticed were how many billboards are on the main highways. And I swear they are all for lawyers. Maybe someone who is local to the area can explain why there are so many lawyer billboards in Vegas. Anyway, for lack of a location with this namesake, I got a chuckle out of the billboards.

The geographical equivalent to the Grub n’ Gulp is called Sunset Station Casino. You can see it from far away because it is a super tall tower. I was going to stay here two nights ago but I got off track on my itinerary and had to cancel. Maybe next time. Also every time I come here there are Legion assassins waiting for me, but only one attacks and the other three just kinda hang out behind the overpass, causing everyone to flee for eternity. I just want some purified water, damn it!

# 56 – Followers outpost – I followed the rail line past REPCONN but it branches westward, essentially the opposite direction of where I was looking for it to lead. So I could not find the tell-tale Follower’s raised outbuilding, but geographically there is a hospital on the little road branching off of Highway 95. I thought this was fitting enough for the location. It is called Henderson Hospital and it is very nice and has a very nice lobby bathroom with refreshing air conditioning.

# 274 – Ranger Morales’ corpse – Quite thankfully, an in game location only. I did not have the heart to take a picture of poor Ranger Morales, so I took a picture of where I found him. This part of the game was both awkward in how the carrying mechanics worked with his dead body flipping and flopping around in front of me, and also very well written.

I especially enjoyed the dialogue with the NCR troopers by the barricade. It was a refreshing dose of dark humor, such as the line “We’ll make sure Ranger Morales’ body gets sent back home. You don’t have to, you know, pick him up on your shoulder and haul him to California” … ahh this game is just, so good.

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