Gun Runners and Hostetler home

Today continues my foray into civilization, so I shall see how well I re acclimate to such an environment. I am drawing ever closer to the ominous Lucky 38 spire each day, but my anticipation must be stayed – there are many more places to be discovered before that moment is at hand.

I had a reprieve of the sweltering, terrible heat for the last day or two – but today it is back with a vengeance. It has resulted in me moving my itinerary around a little bit, and backtracking a fair bit this morning. But it is better than turning into a skeleton.


# 29 – Gun Runners
# 285 – Hostetler home
# 286 – Isaac’s house
# 287 – Orion Moreno’s house

Location Details

# 29 – Gun Runners – To the best of my knowledge, the real world equivalent of this location is the similarly named The Gun Store Las Vegas. Besides the location, two aspects of this establishment was convincing for me – the separate kiosk outside and the glowing neon sign outside – which I did not notice until several days later, while driving by at night.

You can learn how to shoot guns here, buy guns, and even have a gun themed wedding. I am not really a gun person (more-so a sneak by avoiding combat collecting odds and ends person), so I did not do any of the shooting, but I did like the employees I met here and finding the kiosk. I bragged about my tutorial level last month with the BB-gun which gave the employees or instructor folks a grand laugh. In-game I also really like this location because it is where I buy my favorite weapon, Sleepytyme, and it is where I can dismiss my companions without feeling any guilt.

# 285 / 286 / 287 – Hostetler / Isaac / Orion Moreno homes – These homes are essentially the same, in both locations and appearance. The only exception is that Isaac’s house has a shopping cart in front of it. I drove creepily through the neighborhood to the east of the real world Gun Runners to find approximations of the houses, and they really do look similar in real life. I will include a few examples below.

Also when taking these screenshots, I realized the Vault 34 logo is drawn over a Vault 101 logo on this vest. Maybe they shipped the vests to the wrong vault before the war. Classic Vault-Tec.

Later on, while playing I started paying attention and noticed the NCR Engineer jumpsuit is painted over a RobCo logo. Such a cool thing to see.

Later in my travels through Hidden Hills, I saw this former bridge that looked a lot like the bridges spanning the area behind these homes.

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