Westside south and Klamath Bob Liquor Store

The aspect of West Las Vegas that I liked the most is just how proud everyone is of their community, and how eager they are to talk about it. I was really lucky in this regard, because there is not a lot of information about the area online, and the only way I could find out was by asking in person. The predominantly African-American neighborhoods of Westside feature rich history, beautiful churches and schools, and a feeling of pride and ownership that I admire a great deal.

This ties to the game in that the citizens of Westside show the same pride, fierce independence, hard work, and friendliness that I found, experienced, and saw in the real world equivalent.


# 227 – Westside Co-op
# 22 – Westside South Entrance
# 23 – The Thorn 
# 209 – Wins hideout
# 226 – Klamath Bob’s Liquor Store
# 407 – Abandoned home

Location Details

# 22 – Westside south entrance – The southern most boundary of West Vegas in the real world is the stretch of Highway 95 between Business Highway 95 and Interstate 15, as opposed to the in-game location being farther northwest. Here is the map of the official real world West Las Vegas.

The locations below would be found in this area if they existed in the real world: # 23 – The Thorn, # 209 – Wins hideout, # 407 – Abandoned home.

# 227 – Westside Co-op – The equivalent in our world is likely the Vegas Roots Community Garden, located just north of Highway 95 in Bonanza Village. The entire garden complex is very cool, a community-based garden that covers four acres of previously vacant land. It is open daily until 2 PM and anyone can stop by and take a look.

# 226 – Klamath Bob’s Liquor Store – The location I draw an equivalent to the in-game Klamath’s is Mario’s West Side Market & Liquor, located in the middle of Westside and clearly a local institution. Stop by if you want to try some super unique food. The employees, and fellow customers, are incredibly nice and excited to explain every option you could imagine. I ate catfish, greens, and hot sauce. Badass!

Honorable mention – As an aside, close to here is an abandoned gas station that looks very similar to those we see in the game – such as in Goodsprings or the Poseidon Energy gas station near Vault 19. It is called Berkeley Square, seen prominently marked above on the map. Due to the high traffic location, sometimes I see vendors set up here, selling food and other wares from time to time.

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