Mojave Outpost and the Long 15

Mojave Outpost is the site where the NCR Rangers and the Desert Rangers of Nevada signed the Ranger Unification Treaty. It also marks the boundary of fully NCR-controlled territory.

Fallout New Vegas loading screen

The Mojave Outpost in the real world is called Mountain Pass. During my game, I spent a great deal of time here, getting hammered with Rose of Sharon Cassidy, doing a handful of quests, having Major Knight repair my gear when I could not do it myself, and traveling back a few times to watch people I unintentionally angered by what clothes I wore or some such leave the map entirely.

All in all, I liked reading about this place, researching the past of the area, and as a novice, delivering Vulpes’ message to Sergeant Kilborn, a man who represents the whole of people here at Mojave Outpost, in that he just walks around, bleating about being doomed, and doing a whole lotta nothing all the time.


# 147 – Mojave Outpost
# 188 / 445 – Gate to / Long 15
# 293 – Devil Peak
# 365 – Mojave Outpost barracks

Location Details

# 147 / 365 – Mojave Outpost / barracks – This location is spot on geographically. The I-15 veers west and cuts through two mountain ranges. In the game, the ranges are Mesquite and Ivanpah Ranges and in our world, they are Clark and Mescal Ranges to the north and south respectively. Before turning, you can see the distinctive curve upwards of the I-15.

The only photos I have are from far away, one from Calada and one from Ivanpah Solar, so I apologize for that. My dash cam photos turned out to be pretty lack-luster. The last photo is taken from the Yates Well Road overpass, so you can at least see the decline of the interstate fairly well.

Within the Mojave, there is also an outpost, just in a different location. But I want to include it here none-the-less.

Within Mountain Pass, there is the Transportation Department of California building, a weigh station. I thought the location itself looked more similar to the CA DOT Port of Entry, just due to the checkpoint set up.

Behind the weigh station and little commerce area, there is a massive quarry called Molycorp Minerals, but it has a locked gate so I could not snoop around. There was no Unification Monument, but I suppose that is to be expected.

The last time I was driving through was in late December and it had snowed. This is an unusual occurrence so throngs of people came here to park alongside the interstate, play in the snow, and take photos. Wholesome and dangerous.

#188 / 445 – Gate to / Long 15 – For some reason, up until now, I neglected this location and did not give it a number. I think this is because when completing the New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road, I never chose to bomb the Legion or the NCR so these locations never appeared for me on my map.

As an aside, Interstate 15 is pretty long, quite literally – it runs from San Diego to Canada for 1,433 miles / 2306 km. There are locations along the strentch that can be seen in the game’s concept art, like Roy’s Motel & Cafe sign. A little version is in Barstow and a big version along Route 66 in Amboy.

# 293 – Devil Peak – This location was cut from the game, but it is a real location. Devil Peak is located south of Goodsprings and northwest of Mountain Pass. Hiker and geographer Bob Michael wrote about the peak, “A steep, sinister-looking peak with a name to match is the southernmost named summit in the Spring Mountains.”

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