NCR Correctional Facility and Jean Sky Diving

NCR Correctional Facility is now under prisoner control following a successful riot. Locals should avoid anyone who looks like they’ve done time.

Mr. New Vegas

The Jean, Nevada locations are both easy to find and exciting, since they are many of the first encountered in the game. You can find the little cluster of these locales by driving back down the I-15, where it intersects with Nevada State Route 161. This city is more or less the crossroads you come to in game when you leave Goodsprings and head down towards the prison after the tutorial section.


# 102 / 438 – Jean’s Sky Diving / Jean
# 105 – NCR Correctional Facility
# 261 – Ringo’s caravan
# 98 / 104 / 106 / 107 – Powder Ganger camps
# 353 – NCRCF cell blocks A & B
# 355 – NCRCF administration
# 356 – Visitor center

The game map is spot on location wise. The prison is directly behind the road’s intersection, on the same road actually. This is identical to the game map in both regards. Jean’s Sky Diving is the first thing you will see when you emerge down the road from Goodsprings, which is the same as in the game. I am including the various Powder Ganger Camps of various compass directions in this section as one location.

Location Details

# 105 – NCR Correctional Facility – The prison in real life was closed in 2008. This made it even more tempting to look around. But the same barbed wire fences intended on keeping prisoners inside also sadly keeps me outside.

The windows are boarded up but you can tell from the outside that it has many features that are similar to the game, including watch towers and several inner buildings. There are signs for an administration building as well as visitor center. I also found a guard post that looked reminiscent of this location south of here and wanted to include it. Also the railroad track runs parallel to it as well as the sky diving location, similarly to the game.

Locations such as the following would be located here, if existing in the real world, including # 353 – Cell block, # 355 – NCR CF administration, and # 356 – Visitors center.

I also did an on location cosplay here, of a Powder Ganger!

# 102 / 438 – Jean Sky Diving / Jean – When approaching the prison, on the right hand side you will see the runway of the tiny airport. If you have high Luck, you may see some tiny planes. In our world the location has a longer name – Jean Airport Sport Aviation Center. It is much larger, with a long and wide runway, hugged by the railroad and the city of Jean. The only difference being the interchange of roads is with I-15 and NV-161 instead of 160 as seen in-game.

# 98 / 104 / 106 / 107 – Powder Ganger camp north / west / south / east – Further down the road from the prison, when the road turns right, there is what is called a “conservation camp” which houses minimum security prisoners. The website reads:

“Offenders at the Jean Conservation Camp work for the Nevada Division of Forestry by fighting fires during the fire season, completing conservation projects, performing highway clean-up for the Department of Transportation, and assisting with the local community.”

State of Nevada Dept of Corrections

I should also mention that in the real world, this location is right next to a massive railroad line and it does appear that a bunch of things in the general vicinity have been blown to hell.

# 261 – Ringo’s caravan – This is a game only location, but it would exist around this area in our world.

This area is also in the game where this dude Barton sends me up a hill and then says something like “hey thanks for taking care of those geckos for me, now I can get some treasure.” But I did not take care of any geckos because I had the Animal Friend perk, so they immediately swarmed and killed him. Well, ya win some ya lose some.

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