NCR sharecropper farms and Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters

Today was a fun day, filled with exploring the bottom half of the central Vegas map. Thankfully out of Fiend territory – although they were fun – and into the fringes of NCR territory, who are nicer but less fun. The area around the Sunset Sarsaparilla HQ was a bit too inhabited for my liking, but I need to get acclimated to it as I progress closer and closer to The Strip with each passing day.


# 36 – Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters
# 38 – NCR sharecropper farms
# 39 – East pump station
# 282 / 366 – NCR sharecropper greenhouse / barracks
# 284 – Carlyle St. Clair’s house

Location Details

# 36 – Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters – Interestingly, this location is pretty much definitively the Coca Cola Store Las Vegas, in both appearance and spot on location. Despite being based on the competitor, I could not deny the resemblance. I like how the in game version has the cap falling off. No Festus here, but I did find presumably one of his family members in the gas station in Searchlight.

# 38 / 282 / 366 – NCR sharecropper farms / greenhouse / barracks – In current day Paradise, north of McCarran, I found the adorable and most excellent Nevada Water Garden. It has a similar set up, on a smaller scale, with plants growing amidst water pipes. I love how it is perfectly tucked away in an otherwise densely populated area. It even has a tall gate surrounding it that looks like the constructs of the greenhouses, and rusty barrels for that truly New Vegas feel.

There is also a location called the Ethel M. Botanical Cactus Garden, albeit more to the southeast.

# 39 – East pump station – There is a water pumping station due east of its western counterpart, called the Thomas A. Campbell reservoir & water pumping station. It is surrounded by a tall wall, so I did not get to take as many photos as I wished to, but that is alright as it was well over 100 degrees at this time and I was happy to continue onward.

# 284 – Carlyle St. Clair’s house – In the northern most reaches of Vegas, I found endless rows of identical looking condos, peppered with the errant industrial building or electrical substation that was swallowed up by the aforementioned development. The real life equivalent depends wholly on how close to the road – in our world, the Las Vegas Beltway / Clark County Highway 215 – the in-game location actually is.

Directly next to the road is a large swath of empty land, but I considered the next area of constructs to the south, which cheekily enough is just a Carl’s Junior restaurant. The name is similar, Carl versus Carlyle, he would have presumably been the son of a “junior” and his questline is called Beyond the Beef. I think it may be stretch, but an entertaining one. This restaurant is also adjacent to the same power line towers seen in game. And it has a dumpster for any intimate moments that may occur.

Honorary mention – I also found a see-saw that defies gravity!

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