Ranger station Echo and Coyote Mines

The Legion’s been sending raiding parties across the river in larger numbers lately. We don’t have the men at this post to intercept them all.

Ranger Erasmus

The locations in this little stretch are north of the town of Searchlight, hugging Highway 95, similarly to the in-game locations. The area consists of a flat stretch of land leading to the foothills of the McCullough Mountain Range to the west and Ireteba Peaks to the east. If you read some of my earlier entries, the McCullough Range will be familiar to you as Ranger station Charlie and the Legion raid camp locations are on the opposite side of the mountains. The Ireteba Peaks separate the valley of which Highway 95 runs through from the Colorado River.


# 167- Snyder Prospector Camp
# 168 – Ranger station Echo
# 172 – Coyote Mines
# 328 – Knob Hill Mine

Location Details

# 167- Snyder Prospector Camp – I was able to find Snyder Lane, which led from the Veteran’s Memorial Highway / Highway 95 to a small abandoned mine, called Southern Nevada Mine. You literally can not miss it, you can see the ramshackle buildings from the road to the left. They are in surprisingly great condition. That sounds pretty strange. What I mean to say is no one has vandalized them with spraypaint or disturbed them too much, despite the easy access and close proximity to the highway.

# 168 – Ranger station Echo – This is an in-game only location, but it would be in this general real world area if it did exist. There was one radio (?) tower on the side of Highway 95, but it did not have any signs or indication of what it was.

I read a few places that this location is based on Echo Bay, which I respectfully disagree with. In real life, Echo Bay it is almost 100 miles north of this in game location, and does not strike me as having any similarities visually. It is a cool place, an abandoned resort on the now dry Colorado River bed, but it matches in namesake only. Especially since the ranger stations are named following the NATO phonetic alphabet.

# 172 – Coyote Mines – A little farther north there are two quarry / mine areas – including Pompeii, Southern Nevada, Blossom and Coyote Mines. This location looks like it is currently in use. I looked it up and read that Nevada Milling and Mining, which has an office in Searchlight, bought these two locations in 2014. You can read all about the ins and outs of it here. There is also a Coyote Mine Road.

Also as an addition, when I was walking around this area, I found a bizarre sight – a line or cars, buried in the sand. It looks like they were buried to create the road above. Very strange, and very wasteland-ey.

# 328 – Knob Hill Mine – This location was unfortunately cut from the final game, but exists in our world as Knob Hill Spring, south of the real world and in game Nelson. You can get here without a 4×4. The road does not have a name, but if you start at Searchlight church that is on Highway 95 and head north towards Boulder City, in a little less than 10 miles you will see a road to your right, it is called either Grandpa’s Road or Nelson Cutoff Road. It is a dirt road but it is wide and smooth. It will take you to the spring area, where you can climb around and see weird rock formations.

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