Red Rock Canyon

If you head along Nevada State Route 159 / Red Rock Canyon Road, you will see the vast glorious beauty that is the canyon from afar as well as through Scenic Loop Drive to see it up close. The annual pass will come in handy here to get past the expected NCR checkpoint. It will not take too long to drive along the loop, and there are many turn offs available to park, hike, or take a look around.


# 13 – Red Rock Canyon (cosplay location: Jerry the Punk, RobCo jumpsuit)
# 14 – Red Rock drug lab
# 306 – Nevada State Route 159
# 350 – 352 – Great Khan longhouse / supply cave / armory

Location Details

# 13 – Red Rock Canyon – This location exists in our world in the same location, called Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The conservation area consists of a set of large red rock formations and sandstone peaks. In our world, the area is a popular tourist attraction and features hiking, biking, camping (across the road), and rock climbing.

Here is a cosplay I did here, of Jerry the Punk. I love that dude.

If you drive on the scenic loop, my recommendation is to head all the way down to the Sandstone Quarry Overlook. It is less crowded and you can easily climb up the cliffs there, they slope gradually so most of the time it is as simple as walking up a slight incline. Of course, still be careful, but this is my favorite place to get a good view of the whole area.

Plus from here you can continue around and see the majority of the sights after getting your fill of climbing. The loop is one way and wide enough for multiple cars, so you can drive as slowly as you’d like.

The scenic loop doesn’t really seem like the game as much as the area on the western side of the canyon. This is where you can hike into literal canyons, with high cliffs on each side, which looks more like the in-game equivalent. The most notable would be Ice Box Canyon, which is located in the same part of Red Rock and looks a lot like the areas seen in-game, such as where the longhouse or drug lab is located. It even has a little pond in back, like the game.

The welcome sign can be seen on NV 159 while leaving or entering the area on both ends. The sign itself is nearly identical, the only small difference being the subtitles – “National Conservation Area” and “Southwest Commonwealth Conservation Area” – and a slight difference in shape.

The area is incredible, and I can not do it justice by any of my photos or descriptions. It is vast and bright, with that tell-tale striking red hue. It really made me wonder why the Great Khans did not just settle here to begin with, thinking of how desolate Bitter Springs was in comparison. It is very windy and beautiful, and there are many bicyclists so use caution when driving along. The rock formations have identical, distinct red stripes in both the game and our world.

A few months back I was in the Gold Butte National Park and I found a sort of ring that reminded me a lot of the Great Khan proving grounds equivalent. As another addendum, several other locations have this same type of fencing and I will include all the instances I saw here.

Other locations that would be found here if they existed in our world include # 350 – Great Khan longhouse, # 351 – Great Khan supply cave, and # 352 – Great Khan armory.

# 306 – Nevada State Route 159 – This road in both the game and real life snakes past Red Rock Canyon north to south and is used a lot by bicyclists, I could see. In real life, I also saw a sign warning me not to feed any wild horses, with a fine of $500! Unfortunately, I did not see any wild horses. Probably because in the Mojave Wasteland, they are extinct. However, traversing this road provides sweeping views of the famous Red Rock rock faces, and is an incredible sight to see.

# 14 – Red Rock drug lab – The location that is north of Red Rock Canyon is called Harris Springs Ranch, which is a substance abuse / drug rehabilitation camp. As such, if this is the inspiration, it is the result of some significant irony. Within Red Rock, I think the area of Ice Box looks the most similar, despite there being no “flour” to be found.

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