Samson rock crushing plant and Basincreek Building

Today I set off on my adventure, backtracking north to try to make up for time I lost recovering from my Critical Sleep Deprivation. I will spend the next three or so days exploring the fringes of the loosely inhabited central portion of the map, to the south of the strip but north of the Mojave proper.


# 50 – Samson rock crushing plant
# 51 – Basincreek Building
# 52 – Allied Technologies
# 53 – Ant mound
# 256 – Abandoned warehouse

# 50 – Samson rock crushing plant – In this area I found a comparable location a short distance off of Nevada State Route 159 – Blue Diamond Mine / Hill Gypsum. It is located on an unnamed road branching off of 159 and since I did not want to trespass, I considered myself a “customer” for my visit. There are many walking trails in and around the area as well, that have a good overview of the area.

I read that a company is trying to buy the area, akin to the devastating fate of Bonnie Springs, to develop into a residential district. The group Save Red Rock is fighting the rezoning in court, and as of the time I am writing this, they may have had some success with the company filing for bankruptcy. I hope Save Red Rock ultimately prevails and keeps our wasteland in tact. I had to put my caps where my mouth is, and if anyone wants to support their efforts with me, please do so here.

# 51 – Basincreek Building – I read the following on the Fallout New Vegas wiki, so I did not expect to find a real world location here, as it is likely in California.

The Basincreek Building is an inside joke referencing Obsidian Entertainment’s former office building. The Basincreek Building contains several things which at one point happened at Obsidian’s old office building, such as a car crashing into the building, the bathroom flooding several times, having an ant infestation, a rat dying behind a wall causing the entire building to smell and someone punching a hole in the men’s bathroom.

# 52 – Allied Technologies – I spent a lot of time looking through all of the commerce parks, both north of REPCONN and north of the Blue Mountain Gypsum area, with no luck. There are a few “technologies” buildings in the REPCONN HQ area, including Next Gen Electrical. This building had a similar overhang, double door, sort of the same windows. However, this type of building is also all over the place in game, so I was not really sold on this definitively.

# 53 – Ant mound – In game, this place looks like a farm that has been taken over by ants. I chose not to kill the queen ant because I have a soft spot for ants and really all living creatures except cazadors.

Judging by the weird human skull decorations on the fence, maybe the ants ended up doing a net positive by killing what could presumably be some pretty messed up folks.

I found a location that fits the bill for this one, and it was a lot of fun. It is called McKee Ranch, a free ranch farm type area that caters specifically to those with cognitive challenges. Very wholesome. A little farther south is a dirtbike racing area that looked like massive ant mounds, and I also wanted to include it here.

# 256 – Abandoned warehouse – This location could have been any one of the buildings within miles and miles of the seedy place I rented my vehicle from. As an aside, if you choose to set out upon this journey, make sure to book your vehicle from one of the businesses within the McCarran Rental Car location – basically not Fox, Economy, or Ace – which are located somewhere completely different. If booking through Travelocity or Orbitz, they will not differentiate for you, and you will be stuck taking two shuttles, the second to the creepiest abandoned warehouse district ever, which is scary, took three hours, and they tried over and over to get me to pay for unnecessary things. I have only left one negative google review in my life and it was for this place. Couriers beware.

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