Sloan and Quarry Junction

I can’t believe that an entire pack of deathclaws moved into the quarry, I thought that kind of bad luck only happened in New Vegas!

Chomps Lewis

The Sloan and Quarry Junction area in true to game fashion is only a short distance away from the starting area of Goodsprings. Sloan is about a half hour northeast from Goodsprings, accessible most easily by I-15 to exit 25 and heading west.


# 90 – Quarry Junction
# 91 – Sloan
# 229 – Hornits Nest 588 / Abandoned shack
# 236 – Interstate 15
# 367 – Sloan machine shop
# 368 – Sloan mess hall
# 369 – Sloan mining office
# 370 – Sloan worker barracks

Location Details

# 91 – Sloan – In the real world, Sloan is a small community of about 100 people, encompassing a limestone quarry and related manufacturing industrial buildings. There are several buildings here reminiscent of the in-game Sloan. Northwest of Sloan, where Quarry Junction is located on the map, exists a dug out quarry area, with the entrance to the south. This area is also dedicated to the housing of quarry employees similar to the housing we see in-game. The vast majority of residential buildings dot the aptly named Sloan Road.

There is a railroad line, elevated behind the quarry businesses on the right hand side of the road with large excavators and accompanying office trailers and outbuildings.

Across Interstate 15, there is a large conservation area at the foot of Black Mountain called Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, home to large and significant petroglyph sites. So although Sloan is a tiny town, you may seen the name Sloan mentioned more often due to this massive protected land area and it may be confusing at first. Of note, Hidden Valley of Brotherhood of Steel fame is a part of Sloan Canyon, tucked away on the southwest edge. We will get there soon.

This is one of the places I have done a on-location character cosplay – Chomps Lewis!

Included in this section would be the places found in Sloan in our world, should they exist, including # 367 – Sloan machine shop, # 368 – Sloan mess hall, # 369 – Sloan mining office, and # 370 – Sloan worker barracks.

# 90 – Quarry Junction – The real world equivalent of this location is called Sloan Limestone Quarry. The locations are true to the map and locations seem to fit. It was cool seeing a location that really did look spot-on, but I can never see too much past the huge metal gate leading to the actual quarry. This place is always bumpin too, with tons of trucks, front loaders, a train or two, and employees never failing to look at me skeptically.

# 229 – Abandoned shack – This location was trickier, since I am not actually close to the real world Yangtze Memorial. The only place I found geographically and aesthetically similar or probable was an airplane hanger turned abandoned laundromat in Tecopa, California. There is also one in Goldfield which is way, way bigger.

# 236 – I-15 – This indeed is a real interstate, of which I drive on all the time. It goes all the way from California to Canada. In Nevada, it begins in Primm, weaves through Las Vegas, and ends at Mesquite, Arizona. The entire expanse is contained within Clark County. The in-game highway is shaped nearly identical to that of real life. Sometimes I call it Interstate 11 and vice versa, it has been my habit for whatever reason for years. In case I do it here too.

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