New Vegas Cosplay Collection

Fallout New Vegas Cosplay

Below is a collection of all the cosplay I have done to date in the Mojave Wasteland. You can click on the photo for more information on each one and to see the high resolution version.

When possible, I take the cosplay photos on location – or the real world equivalent location of where one could expect to find the character in the game. All my outfits are created, designed, developed, crafted, and sewn with love and care by me, with only post-retail materials (i.e. thrift stores and garage sales). When I am headed way out into the wastes, I ship the outfits and props to myself ahead of time via Mojave Express dropbox and always donate the gently used outfits – with the exception of the especially cool or time consuming ones back with me to display and adore in my workshop.

The general goal I have when creating cosplay outfits is to look similar but not entirely identical to the character in the game. I like to add my own unique details from time to time. I do really enjoy the role playing aspect, which is helpful, fun, and effortless when I have been all alone in the desert for weeks at a time.

If you have any suggestions of a character or idea you think would be cool, please send me a note and I will try it out. I head out into the Mojave frequently and love to expand the collection. Sometimes I re-do characters that I was not entirely satisfied with, and I am always adding new ones, so please feel free to check back.

Happy trails!

New Vegas On Location Cosplay Collection