Fallout New Vegas Game Location Logistical Information

New Vegas Game Location Logistical Information

I appreciate your interest in my project. I am beyond excited to share my work with everyone. I started the project in January 2017 and have spent the last few years on location, researching, and writing this guide. My main goal is to provide a comprehensive list of all Fallout New Vegas locations, to encourage all Couriers to embark upon their own journey into the wastes.

Please read the real world information tips and tricks by clicking here if you are interested in planning a trip out here to the Mojave.

Organization of Mojave Locations

I have organized my travels in the Mojave Wasteland by geographical sections, comparing to the in game map. In each section I addressed each location in the order I arrived, grouping together locations that are close by one another. In cases where I could not find it or it did not exist, I mention it in the order I would have found it. I also mention if the location does exist in real life but appears in a different location in game.

I have included both marked and unmarked locations as well as both exterior and interior named cells where appropriate. The only locations I did not mention are a few interior locations of locations that do not exist in our world, and maybe a few unnamed homes. I wrote the guide in a fairly familiar voice, sharing other things I experienced and saw along the way. The dates on the entries here do not reflect the actual travel dates and are used primarily for organization purposes – except in the case of my birthday (!!)

New Vegas Interactive Map

I thought it would be helpful to include the Google Maps version of the map I used to traverse the Mojave and beyond. If you are interested in having your own New Vegas adventure, and you most definitely should, here is a resource for you to use. Some addresses are not exact due to the nature of the location, some locations do not exist any more, and a few I added just because they were a point of interest for me, or a place I tagged to remind myself to go later. A large number of them I can not remember why I added, but hopefully it will be of interest.


You can always refer to my guide entries for way, way too much detail on each New Vegas location equivalent. If that is too much clicking, you can view my master working spreadsheet of all locations here shortly. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress for me, as I spend a great deal of time re-visiting areas, re-playing the game, re-reading everything and making a lot of corrections to my own work over three years and several trips to the Mojave. Even though the desert stays pretty much the same each time, the human inhabited parts change more frequently and I update the guide as I notice such changes.

I am an avid and enthusiastic Fallout Nukapedia editor, where I have included all of the location findings for future wastelanders to use on their own journeys. You can see my contributions to the Fallout wiki here.

I also added subtle reviews and photos to Google Maps to most locations so that others can see and experience what I have, at least as much as one can.

Implied Conjecture

Keep in mind that this project is just for fun. It is an attempt to create something as comprehensive as possible, but since I did not work on the development of the game, all of my work here is complete conjecture. I wrote all of this for no other reason than to reflect and celebrate my absolute, unwavering, deep love of the game. I am by no means an authority, just a long time fan who has done a remarkable amount of research – which involves blood, sweat, and yes, sometimes tears.

I encourage everyone to use the information I have put together here to complete your own journey. I can say my best guess is it will be a type of excitement that can not even be put to words. The best parts of my life are the days and nights I spend in the Mojave, either real world or in game. Whenever I am not around one or the other, I am counting the minutes until I can return.

Words of Gratitude

I would be remiss not to mention how thankful I am to many people who make my research possible. First, to my friends and family, who tolerate my constant talking about or relating everything to Fallout New Vegas or to equivalent locations. I am sorry for all the conversations I dominated. To my employer, a great university who allows me generous time off to chase my dreams and my colleagues and peers who also have had to deal with my relating every possible thing to the Mojave at every turn.

Thank you to every person I have met in the Mojave, who have helped me find locations, given me advice, allowed me to ask way, way too many questions, made my meals, prepared my accommodations, pointed me in the right direction, gave me trinkets, and smiled at my cosplay, even though you may not have understood what in the Sam Hill I was doing. Thank you for teaching me how to fit in while in the desert, for all the hugs, and high fives, waves, and smiles. Thank you for encouraging me, even though I was a stranger with goals you did not understand.

Thank you to the community and my fellow editors on the Fallout New Vegas Wiki and the many helpful and supportive individuals on the subreddits /fnv and /falloutnewvegas – especially for your support, kind words and encouragement on my on-location cosplay. I was self-conscious at first and you all helped me become confident. A very important thank you to Dr. Jim Boone, the author of the aforementioned incredibly detailed and helpful website Bird and Hike, which allowed me to stay safer and more well-informed as I went off road and hiked during my journey.

And last but certainly not least, thank you to the individuals at Obsidian Entertainment, for your talent and passion lending itself to the creation of a piece of work so priceless and iconic. It has given me so much joy and inspiration. You truly created something exceptional and I am so thankful for your work.

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