Gypsum train yard and Brotherhood of Steel safehouse

Heading closer into civilization, swinging to the eastern border of New Vegas, north of Nevada 167 and west of Callville Bay, you can find the locations hovering around the gypsum train yard area.


# 60 – Raul’s shack
# 61 – Brotherhood of Steel safehouse
# 62 – Bloodborne cave
# 63 – Gypsum train yard
# 266 – Gypsum quarry office

Location Details

# 60 – Raul’s shack – I found a few shack like buildings in the area north and northwest of Callville Bay, and the eastern most one was near to Frenchman Mine. I could not figure out what this outbuilding used to be in our world. I peered in the windows, but there were items leaned up against them so I could not see.

# 61 – Brotherhood of Steel safehouse – The second shack like building was more to the northwest, which is why I listed them in this particular order, as in game the buildings are virtually identical. This construct was just southeast of the intersection of Upper Gypsum Washington Road and Nevada 167. In game, I used console commands to enter this location and was immediately shot to death by a Brotherhood paladin. Actions have consequences, I suppose.

# 62 – Bloodborne cave – In the same general vicinity of Bloodborne Cave, in our world rests Anniversary Mine / Ore Car Mine, a set of long abandoned mines north of Callville Bay and west of Devil’s Throat. Sadly, I did not find a fun group of my friends, the night stalkers. They like to huddle around me and I follow them up and around hills as they kill geckos. I do not know why, but I sure love those night stalkers.

It could also be inspired by the Gypsum cave mine , a uranium mine (eek) located about a mile off of the highway in the Intermontane Plateaus.

The in-game geography shifts a little to look like Red Rock Canyon, but it is actually to simulate the equivalently bright red cliff faces of the Valley of Fire State Park.

# 63 / 266 – Gypsum train yard / quarry office – The real world equivalent of the Gypsum train yard is called PABCO Gypsum in our world. It supplies building products and services to the construction industry, and similarly to the in game counterpart, features large sets of railroad tracks running through the location. The tracks come together here at the Nevada Industrial Switch Railway Station. I could not go into the gate, but I saw a sign that said visitors must check in at office, so I have combined both the train yard and office locations here.

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