Camp Guardian and Camp Willow

These locations are located to the north and southeast of the Hoover Dam, on both the Nevada and Arizona sides of Lake Mead and the Colorado River. It is much easier to see both locations if you are traveling by boat, Camp Willow’s equivalent being accessible on the Colorado River side of the dam and Camp Guardian equivalent located on the Lake Mead side. I was able to reach both by land, however, the Camp Guardian location just being a little more difficult.


# 71 – Guardian Peak
# 70 – Camp Guardian
# 247 / 442 – Camp Guardian cave / caves
# 275 – Camp Willow

Location Details

# 71 – Guardian Peak / Camp Guardian – In our world, there is an identically named location, a summit on the Nevada side of Lake Mead, above The Narrows (not the Zion location, just a cove area of the same in-game name). The climb was too technically challenging for someone such as myself, so I could not take a photo from the summit. Below you can see the peak from the west, off of Flamingo Cove. Information about climbing this peak can be found here, thankfully written by experts.

# 247 / 442 – Camp Guardian cave / caves – I did not find any information when I researched caves in or around this area, but as I also did not climb the mountain, they could potentially exist.

# 275 – Camp Willow – This location was cut from the final game, unfortunately. It has significance in that a major battle between the NCR and Caesar’s Legion battle was fought here prior to in game events. It exists in our world as Willow Beach Marina. It is farther south on Highway 93, past the turn off for our world Legate’s Camp location, on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. It is a very pretty campground and boat launch in our world. Since the final game did not contain this location, I can only speculate what it would look like.

However, in the game, I swam cross the river and stood on the west shore, where it would have been located. The funny thing I noticed is that one would assume the graphics would be bad over here because the world is not built, you are not supposed to be here. However, I could not help but notice that the real world looks the same way – I guess this part of our world was not built because no one is supposed to be here, either!

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