Nipton Road reststop and Morning Star cavern

Whether you’re good, bad, or somewhere in between, all major communities and organizations in the Mojave wasteland will pay attention to your reputation.

Fallout New Vegas loading screen

The expanse of the Mojave National Preserve is gorgeous, absolutely awe-inspiring, especially for enthusiasts such as myself. It is bordered by Interstate 15 and Nevada State Route 164 in the north, Interstate 40 in the south, Highway 95 in the east, and the Kelso Dunes Wilderness area to the west. Although it is just a portion of the entire Mojave Desert, the preserve protects 1.5 million acres (out of the Mojave Desert’s total 3 million) and is the third largest National Park System in the contiguous United States. And the most badass!


# 145 – Nipton Road reststop
# 148 – Morning Star cavern
# 149 – Nipton Road pit stop
# 232 – Crashed transport plane
# 403 – Scorpion burrow

Location Details

# 148 – Morning Star cavern / cave – The location in the game is called Morning Star Mine in real life – a common theme. There is a road that cuts southwest through the Mojave preserve called Morning Star Mine Road, branching off of Ivanpah Road shortly after entering the preserve. A dirt road called Morning Star Mine Cutoff Road will lead you to the mine itself.

This is not tough to find in practice, but if you are looking online for information about it, good luck. There are several Morning Star Mines in both California and Nevada – including one a little south of the town of Nelson. There is also an Evening Star Mine close to the in game location.

I have drawn an excellent, top-tier, professional map for you below.

Side note – It is not related to the game, but the Allured Mine is pretty awesome to stop by when you are in the area.

# 145 – Nipton Road reststop – In this location in real life, it looks as if there is some sort of business or facilities management building. You can see it if you are driving where Morning Star Mine Road converges back with Nipton Road. Careful when walking around here, there is a ton of broken glass (and a lot of bizarre trash). Try to park close to the road or in the little driveway / cement part.

Another possibility is the set of buildings you will happen upon north of here in Ivanpah Dry Lake, if you take the path less traveled. I still have not figured out what the building used to be. The door says “state line” but that is all I could make out. There are a lot of signs saying they “don’t fire warning shots” because “ammunition is expensive” which we all know is demonstratively false.

And this “Lester” building looks a lot like the post office in Kelso. The building is called the “Nipton Road General Store” which makes keeping all the Nipton named locations separate even more challenging.

# 403 – Scorpion burrow – In the real world, the location is called Willow Wash, a large swath of undeveloped desert within the Mojave preserve. It is about half way between the game’s pit stop and our world’s town of Ivanpah. Thankfully, just me out here and no radscorpions.

# 149 – Nipton Road pit stop – In the game, I ran into this guy named Tomas. He said this and then was killed by said radscorpions. Eesh, I spoke too soon. In real life, the location looks like a corral, with outbuildings and an external fence. You can see it when driving between Nipton and I-15, on the south side of the road.

# 232 – Crashed transport plane – When I was researching the Ranger station Foxtrot location, I randomly came across a newspaper article and a memorial service program relating to the deaths of three soldiers involved in a plane crash on Clark Mountain, close to the location found in game, traveling on its way to Nellis Air Force Base on January 20, 1957.

I almost want to say it is a coincidence except for the fact that the plane was literally a transport plane. I am not sure if this is correlated, but finding it was exciting for me, albeit sad. I hope these three individuals continue to rest in peace.

There is also a “crashed” plane outside of El Dorado mine near Nelson. I read it was used in a movie and now sits there and acts as a backdrop for photographers.

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