Vault 11 and El Dorado substation

Vault 11 has been abandoned for decades, though few people know the story of its terrible past.

Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

As you approach Boulder City, you will notice things getting busier and it becoming much more populous. Except when it comes to exits off the highway. This area of the real world map features very few exits, so make sure not to miss one or you will be traveling a long way before you can turn around. You can learn from my multitudinous mistakes!


# 115 – El Dorado substation
# 116 – Vault 11 (cosplay location: Overseer Kate Stone, Vault 11 jumpsuit)

Location Details

# 115 – El Dorado substation – In our world, there is a substation close by, at the end of Eldorado Valley Road – past our world’s HELIOS One. It is on the right hand side and it is an enormous building, enclosed in barbed wire fence as one would expect.

In game, I wanted to go inside so bad, but I could not. Even when idolized with the NCR, they would still try to shoot me to death if I went inside. Whyyyy. Today, I did not try to go inside this substation, although I can almost guarantee he consequences would have not been as severe.

The substation is at the very western side of the Nevada Solar One complex. If you drive past everything else, it will eventually be on your right hand side, past all these signs telling me not to keep driving.

Of note, the town of Nelson also has a tiny substation. It did remind me too much of crucifixions, though. Yet, I think everything in that town reminded me of crucifixions.

Also while leaving I saw this sign, which when zoomed in, you can see a cowperson riding on the back of the tortoise. So cute!

# 116 – Vault 11 – Geographically speaking, according to the early map of New Vegas, the location would coincide with Black Hill, a mountain peak directly behind the real world Goodfellow Corporation and Nevada State College. It is called Dutchman Pass, which has some easy hiking trails on the eastern side of the Sloan Canyon area.

Speaking of Vault 11, I can not help but be reminded how many “I hate Kate” posters were slathered all over the walls in there. Ok rude. It inspired me to do my own cosplay of Kate Stone. Now the posters are all over one of my outbuildings, never failing to confuse my friends. I have made a vault suit of each Fallout: New Vegas vault, including Vault 11. Since you can’t see the numbers in the first cosplay, I will show them off below as well.

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