Bitter Springs and Coyote Tail Ridge

The area towards these locations is much more brightly colored than the neighboring areas to the south. It has a higher elevation and more green vegetation and most notably, vast, red, uniquely shaped rock faces. These locations are north of Lake Mead and northeast of Callville Bay, covering equivalents to the far northeast corner of the in game map.


# 66 – Bitter Springs
# 67 – Coyote Tail Ridge
# 69 – Bitter Springs recreation area
# 246 – Bitter Springs cemetery
# 298 – Las Vegas dunes
# 305 – Valley of Fire

Location Details

# 66 – Bitter Springs – This location exists in our world as Bitter Spring (singular), as well as counterparts Bittersprings (plural) Road and Bitter Spring Trail. The actual location, Bitter Spring, is quite a ways out, following Northshore Road / Nevada 167 a fair bit – about 40 minutes northeast of Callville Bay Resort. You need 4WD to make it all the way to the location. You can read the exact driving directions on Dr. Boone’s site here. This location is accurate to where it is found in game, without a corresponding camp, caves, or recreation area.

# 67 – Coyote Tail Ridge – There is not a location that has the same name as Coyote Tail Ridge or Canyon 37, but I drove around the area for an hour or so looking for rock formations that could stand in for the locations around here, most notably to the southwest to mirror the location in game. I saw that there was a large ridge overlooking the Bitter Spring area, called Buffington Pockets. Similarly to the in game location, it faces a rock formation that has a deep crevice and two overhanging rocks on each side. However, this is located to the northeast of Bitter Spring as opposed to the in game’s southwest.

# 69 – Bitter Springs recreation area – Although this location does not have a real world named equivalent, it reminds me of a location I saw to the right off of Nevada 167 on my way to Bitter Spring called Redstone Trailhead. It is easy to see from the road – a collection of bright red rocks dotting the landscape, creating a canyon. The two rock formations made a thin recessed area, heading down into a valley below. In addition, there were some picnic tables, grilling stations, and shelters which reminded me of a sort of recreation area.

# 246 – Bitter Springs cemetery – Thankfully I did not happen upon any graves as I did earlier in my trip while in the southwest and west portions of the map. What I did notice while angling for my screenshot in-game was that some of the graves have Great Khan spike helmets on them, which made me sad all over again. And impressed, as always, with the level of thought and detail in each part of this game.

The graves reminded me of a cemetery in Pioche, Nevada called Murderers Row, or Boothill Cemetery (not to be confused with the more popular Arizona graveyard with the same name).

# 298 – Las Vegas dunes – This location was unfortunately cut, but exists in real life as the Las Vegas Dunes Recreation Lands, a little southwest of Nellis Air Force Base.

# 305 – Valley of Fire – Also cut from the game, this location exists in our world as the Valley of Fire State Park.

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