Callville Bay and Deathclaw Promontory

To check out these locations, I headed back east, putting as many miles between myself and Lake Las Vegas as I could, in order to explore the area around the opposite shores of Lake Mead.


# 68 – Cap counterfeiting shack
# 72 – Callville Bay
# 76 – Scavenger platform
# 248 – Deathclaw promontory
# 271 – Jimmy’s well 

Location Details

# 248 – Deathclaw promontory – I believe this location is most similar to the real world location Promontory Point. In game, it is farther south on the east bank of the Colorado River, and in the real world, it is located on the peninsula to the northwest of Hoover Dam.

The closest you can get by vehicle is the Boulder (Hoover) Dam Bridge parking lot, but there is no trail heading north or northwest past a substation. The photo below was taken from the opposite shore, closer to Boulder Beach Campground. In the real world, I did not get into the water nor was I prompted to drink it. The edge of the land mass does look pretty similar to the in game equivalent.

Also, I didn’t know what “promontory” meant, so I looked it up and it means “a point of high land that juts out into a large body of water”. I suppose since I was raised in Iowa, it makes sense that I would not have been as familiar with such words.

# 68 – Cap counterfeiting shack – The in game location places the Cap Counterfeiting Shack west of Bitter Springs, so I kept my eye out for shacks in the area, and found 3 or 4. The closest to the in game location was northwest of Northshore Summit Trail, which you can see below. There were also some more dilapidated shacks at Anniversary Mine that were a close second place.

# 72 – Callville Bay – This location is accurate to the location in game, in both name and geographical location. It was tough to drive to, though, being due north of Fortification Hill but on the opposite side of Lake Mead. It is a good 45 minutes from Hoover Dam, and in hindsight, I would have been wiser to visit this location before or after Devil’s Throat. Although in hindsight, that day I was suffering from Critical Dehydration and Advanced Sleep Deprivation, respectively.

For some reason I misspelled “Callville” over and over again as “Calville” while writing this guide, so forgive any corrections I may have missed.

In our world, Callville Bay is a resort and boat harbor on the north side of Lake Mead. It has a park, restaurant, campground, and permanent camper community. The in game aspects I was looking for – railcars, boat house, and harpoon winch – were absent, but the basic geography of the area is the same.

# 76 – Scavenger platform – Most of the marinas have floating docks, interconnected with one another, and some (such as Callville Bay and Cottonwood Cove) hold or surround small buildings. I could not spot an independently floating platform, apart from pontoons floating in the water. I did read about large floating platforms used for water evaporation monitoring as well as reporting weather and water quality. You can read about the floating platforms here. Later I found out that there are such things as floating bathrooms for boaters! I did not see one, though.

# 271 – Jimmy’s well  – I did not find a well or anything else note-worthy in the real world around this location, but I have included a step by step of the in game event below. I am proud of myself because the screenshot process took some quick reflexes on my part, at least the first one.

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