Vault 22 and Ruby Hill mine

A traveler that passed through here not long ago told everyone he met that there’s some kind of plant paradise to the west where food is abundant. All the people foolish enough to listen to him and head out that way never came back.


From where Highway 215 hits Highway 95 and northward, the elevation towards Mt. Charleston / Jacobstown begins, and so does the landscape. This drive is very cool because the topography changes significantly from desert to alpine-like, so much so that it does not look much like a desert at all anymore. The same is true in the game.

For those couriers traveling in the winter, it may not be possible to visit the locations around here due to road closures. Similar to in-game, it snows here – a lot – and sometimes either the roads are outright closed or there are travel restrictions, such as you will need 4×4 vehicle, snow tires, chains, or all of the above to be allowed up the mountain. Check the Nevada Roads 511 website for current conditions, or to be a creeper like me and watch the live video.


# 4 – Ruby Hill mine
# 8 – Silver Peak mine
# 9 – Vault 22
# 255 – Violet’s trailer fort
# 301 – Mummy Mountain
# 434 – Fiend house
# 435 – Jackal shack
# 436 – New Vegas home

Location Details

# 4 – Ruby Hill mine – I had speculated several weeks ago when I was in Goodsprings that the name of this mine may be based off of a murder that happened at the Pioneer Saloon in 1948. It involved the tragic death of Ruby Hill Barnes, sadly a girl my exact age, the case remaining unsolved to this day. In our world, the mine in this location is Lucky Strike mine. It is located a little south of the Nevada 156 and Highway 95 intersection, off of the aptly named Lucky Strike mine Road.

I drove as far as I could safely and was having some problems about half way up the steep incline, so I hiked the rest of the way. I walked all over the place and did not find a mine shaft or outbuildings. I may have missed them, but I did my due diligence, looking for over an hour. I will swing back around next time and update with anything I find.

# 8 – Silver Peak mine – Looking for this mine gave me the opportunity for another hike, which was an easy one, thankfully. South of our world’s Ruby Hill mine is Griffith mine, named after Griffith Peak. The beginning of the trail to the mine is called Stanley B. Springs Trail, off of Kyle Canyon Road.

The name of the mine could also be a reference or inspired by Silver Peak, Nevada, which is a mining town about 200 miles northwest of Mt. Charleston.

# 9 – Vault 22 – According to the early draft map of New Vegas, the original plan for this location was to be at the convergence of of Highway 95 and Business Highway 95 (again, what) and the real world location there is a neighborhood called Desert Greens, featuring the Painted Desert Golf Course, which could be tied to the plant-esque theme of the vault.

This differs from the other vaults, in that it was not placed at the same location as a mine, either formerly used for or planned for a real world fallout shelter. Maybe this goes hand in hand with the peculiarity of this vault somewhat advertising itself, with a welcome sign out front.

# 301 – Mummy Mountain – Sadly, this location was cut from the game but is based on a real world location of the same name. Mummy Mountain is part of the Spring Mountains, which is the same range as Mount Charleston. It gets its name from its sarcophagus-like shape. It took me awhile to see it, but I think I do now (are the feet to the left?)

# 255 – Violet’s trailer fort – In this location in our world, I found Lovell Canyon Campground. No one was camping right now, likely due to the extreme temperatures. Perhaps it looks more like the trailer fort when there are more campers around.

In this area also includes in-game locations # 435 – Jackal shack, # 434 – Fiend house, and # 436 – New Vegas home, if they existed as such in our world.

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